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The Diamond Primary School - Families First Awards

The Diamond Primary School

The Diamond Primary School

The Diamond Primary School

The Diamond Primary school is a little school in the Cullybackey countryside but with big ideas and a lot of punch!

The Diamond is a safe and happy place where the corridors and rooms are filled with the buzz of fun and excitement, smiles and laughter. That’s really important to us as staff, not only because we love that buzz and we love to laugh and smile, but because we firmly believe that kids learn best when they are comfortable, excited and enjoying themselves and each other. Yes, it gets a little messy and noisy at times – but usually it’s a beautiful mess and a very rewarding noise.

Our motto – ‘We are all different, we are all unique, we are all special,’ says a lot about who we are and what we try to do. We try to meet each child exactly where they are and not where others expect them to be. We aim to draw alongside each child, embrace their personality and character, then challenge them towards success and achievement. We love doing that – and we love to think about new, innovative and inspiring ways to teach, thinking outside the usual educational boxes. Yes, that gets a little messy too, but who ever made progress without creating a little chaos first?

Our kids make us proud every day as they achieve big things, create amazing masterpieces, make beautiful music and dance. But they also make us proud as they smile at us each morning and greet us with the warmth that we so enjoy. They make us proud as they share with each other, encourage and support each other and stand up tall for the things they believe in.

The Diamond Primary School is a family, a home; it’s always evolving, adapting and changing. We love our local community and we get excited about the impact our children will make as they step out into the big world.

Yes, we’re a little school – but with a huge heart. We love to explore big ideas and we know our children will make their mark wherever they go.