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Caroline Clements - Rossmar Special School - Families First Awards

Caroline Clements – Rossmar Special School

Caroline Clements – Rossmar Special School

Caroline Clements – Rossmar Special School

Caroline since being selected as principal of Rossmar school and commenced in September 2017 has introduced a forward thinking perspective utilising her vast 25 years teaching experience( including 16 years special education ) always placing the pupils first .

Caroline provides excellent guidance to her full team within the school and keeps the Board of Governors fully appraised of all  projects delivering clear and concise principal reports regarding school department overviews.

Caroline has introduced forward thing initiatives always thinking how to develop the pupil skills and provide life skills such as ,Duke of Edinburgh, successfully being awarded the first Investors in Pupils for a special school and pioneering the introduction of a therapy dog to the school to name but a few.

Caroline has displayed to all the staff and pupils her energy and enthusiasm and introduced and   embraced many initiatives and partnerships with other schools in the area and the business community.

Caroline has been pivotal and instrumental in succeeding in putting together papers to achieve a new school build that is currently underway to ensure that the school is the best that the pupils could possibly ask for  and at the same time taking into consideration future proofing and in line with budgetary requirements.

During her  time as principal of Rossmar school she  has introduced an extremely effective and forward thinking vision and a school that has received numerous favourable comments from parents and the community.