Peter Pan @ The Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Well, it was a wet and miserable Saturday afternoon when I headed to the Lyric to see Peter Pan with my kids and husband.  I’ve seen this old classic many times both on-screen and on the stage but I wasn’t prepared for the delight ahead of me.

We start of our story as usual with Wendy, John and Micheal being left with the wicked nanny looking after them as their parents head out.  The role of Nanny Cookson is perfectly played by Allison Harding, just the right tone of fear to keep the kids in the audience both entertained and tepid.  Being the unloving character she is she flings open the kid’s bedroom window and beckons the children out of it – and this is where it all kicks off.

Enter the star of the show, Peter Pan.  And this is no standard version of the character, un-preened and even slightly dishevelled looking, Peter scoops up the children and they head off to Neverland.  This is where we start to see some of the amazing special effects as the children take to the air and fly.

Once in Neverland the children encounter some amazing different characters which of course include the villains of our story: Captain Hook and her sidekick Miss Smee.  There is a bit of history between Peter Pan and Captain Hook, in a nutshell it’s because of Peter Pan that Captain Hook is missing that hand.  So obviously there is a bit of revenge-seeking going on as Captain Hook endeavours to take the children.  Of other particular note is the Mermaids – utterly captivating and completely unexpected – you will be amazed.

I really don’t want to give away the whole story, but if your kids are anything like mine they will be captivated – literally open-mouthed throughout the show.  The story continues as Peter Pan endeavours to steer the kids and the Lost Boys from the evil grasp of Captain Hook.

Apart from the amazing talent from the cast, the staging was exceptional, the music as mesmerising, and the crew changed the sets seamlessly.  If you are looking for something different yet familiar this Christmas season this is definitely a play you should get along to.

Book tickets at https://lyrictheatre.co.uk/event/peter-pan/